It’s been a while.

I began this blog a few years ago to share my thoughts on servant leadership and to spur a discussion of how we can use the “heart of a servant” to transform our teams and impact people.

It’ s not that I am some kind of perfect example – I have plenty of blind spots and challenges in leadership.

So I hold up my thoughts and experiences as a starting point – a (hopefully) interesting perspective on leadership as it plays out in modern organizations.

And now…I am back at it.  I had a new team and new organization to get to know, to build up, to understand.  It was my top priority and for a while it took all I had to give.

Take a look at some of my previous posts  on the basics of servant leadership and leadership development…

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Please comment so we can have a discussion.  The more the merrier.

And pass this blog along, share with others, post in forums – let’s get the word out.




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