All this talk about compassion and the Golden Rule and team engagement focuses on internal teams.  But there is a wonderful symmetry that the principles of high-service leadership work brilliantly for your customers.

For if you treat customers as you would want to be treated, you will create engaged customers and deeper customer relationships day after day, and build a community of people who remember the special way they were treated.  This is common sense, right?

Well, I have often said that common sense is an uncommon virtue.  Because many companies just don’t get it.  Bad customer experiences are everywhere.

Why is it so special to be treated compassionately and fairly as a customer?  My theory is that some folks providing a product or service feel they are in a momentary position of power.  After all, the customer is coming to buy from them, right?  This feeling of superiority gets worse with less competition, or with related attitudes that occur when a customer has already bought/is locked in.  Think of the struggle getting  your ticket reissued while stranded at an airport, or the endless pitches for useless add-ons at a car dealership.

Here is a neat little article about  L.L. Bean’s  compassionate customer service.

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